Description about idealization of the project and its proposals

Before starting: This project is in the construction phase. We do not have any tokens listed on any exchange yet, so stay tuned and protect yourself from scammers. Do not purchase tokens and NFTs related to this project until the official launch announcement, which will be shared on our social media, and always access official links from the documentation or official project posts!

A new revolucionary P2E

Aiming to be more than a simple game, the project aims to be a revolutionary Play-To-Earn platform, offering a huge range of features, game modes and constant updates, without giving up the nostalgia of 2D pixerized designs. The pillar of the project is a mature economy, enabling real gains, but also without compromising the stability of the project. Our goal is a safe, reliable, transparent and sustainable platform that is here to stay, whether as a fun hobby or as a source of extra income*. Our team is fully committed to ensuring the community is heard and the platform is built by everyone and for everyone.

*The project does not have a guarantee of returns or extra income.

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