Drilling Tools

Also in the NFT model (BEP721) the drilling tools will be tokens sold for a limited time only during the official sales window and with limited quantity. After sales, on-chain sales will be released on the game's NFT marketplace. There are 3 different types of drilling tools and their uses will be exclusively to increase Hit power during Quarry exploration. Each type has a different cost, which increases according to its effectiveness in digging. The drilling tool will have an additional percentage based on the added HP (drilling tool alone, cannot mine, requiring at least 1 miner to operate it). Just like miners, tools that are added to the marketplace will not be able to work in the quarry, even after being removed from the marketplace, and will be able to work again after the pool cycle reset (00h UTC). Tools that are added to the quarry are also unable to be added to the Marketplace until the end of the day's exploration.

The number of tools each wallet can have is unlimited, but for Quarry exploration, the tools have an activation limit per player. Which means that the same account cannot activate two excavators or two Continuous Miners in the same quarry cycle. As for the Jackhammer, the limit is higher, but it is worth mentioning that each tool still requires a miner to operate it, so even if the player has, for example, 20 jackhammers, he will only be able to activate them all if he has 20 miners available at the camp.

NameImageBonus HPQuarry FeeQuarry Limit



10 MSB




50 MSB


Continuous Miner


100 MSB


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