3. Opening a chest

3.1 Accessing the game website

To open your chests and containers, in addition to having access to all the project's features, you need to access a second link ( https://playtest.mining-squad.app )

3.2 Creating a profile

To accumulate exp, monitor your dashboard, and obtain benefits the more you participate, create a profile on the site's home screen. For more details read the session Experience System

3.3 Opening your first chest

After the account is created, the user can navigate to the Inventory tab through the Menu, check their inventory and select the chest they want to open.

After clicking the button to open your chest, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and wait for the transaction to be completed. At this point, after confirming the transaction in the wallet, even if the screen is closed or the page is updated, don't worry, you will soon see your miner in your inventory. If the transaction receives a failure status in the metamask, ensure that you have updated the gas rate for the test network as per step 2.2 of the session 2. Buying a chest on testnet

After confirming the transaction, wait for the animation to verify your miner.

You can use the filters or sorting on the inventory page to check out your new miner.

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