The main mode of the game is adventure mode. In this mode, the player chooses one of his Miners to explore the cave (Dummy Miner cannot be selected). To do this, the selected miner must be available in his camp, which means he cannot have been offered for sale on the market and must have at least one Lunchboxes available. In this mode, the player manually controls the miner as he digs to the bottom of the mine, digging between blocks in search of treasure. The miner can only hit one block away and can attack both horizontally and vertically.

Furthermore, the miner has limited visibility, which means that he can only see an adjacent solid block in all directions (as for the free space, the miner can see the open passage along its entire length within the limits of the screen), making so the player has to use strategy or luck to descend more easily and find more treasures. It is also possible to find in adventure mode, or buy in the In-game marketplace, equipment that can assist in digging, temporarily increasing visibility, increasing the number of hits during the game, among others Tools.

Inside the mine there are different types of Blocks with different durability that vary according to the depth or value of their content. The earth block, for example, is the most common, has no reward and has a durability of 1, which means that any miner has the ability to break blocks of this type with just one hit. As you go deeper into the mine, the blocks become tougher, but the chances of finding blocks with treasure also increase.

In its initial phase, the game has a unique type of mine that is randomly generated with each play, ensuring that the excavation is never the same and exploring the player's best strategy to go further. During the course of the project, new mines will be released, including special content such as seasonal mines and exclusive, limited rewards. Follow our networks and our roadmap to stay up to date with upcoming releases.

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