4. Playing the Quarry

After opening the chests, you can start your first adventure, sending your miners to the Quarry.

To do this, simply access the Quarry tab in the Top Menu.

In the quarry, you can send your miners to collect tokens, just by clicking the Play button of the selected miner, or you can use the Play All button to send all eligible miners at once. In both the Play and Play All options, for the miner to be sent, it must be available in the inventory, which means that it cannot be locked in another game mode or in colldown from the previous quarry. After sending the miner, he will work for 24 hours, and it will only be possible to play with him again after his coldown period.

The amount mined is displayed immediately after confirming the transaction in the wallet.


Currently, the Play All method does not allow sending more than 150 miners at the same time to the quarry, which means that the player who has more than 150 miners must manually play with the other miners until there are only 150 free miners left to use the Play All mode. An alternative mode will soon be available to send blocks to miners by selecting multiple miners at the same time.

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