In this mode, the player can select up to 8 Miners to continuously dig an exclusive mine in this mode. The mine has only 8 columns and the miner cannot move horizontally. They must be positioned in each column and will only dig vertically automatically. The number of blocks excavated respects the maximum strike limit of the positioned miner, and upon reaching his strike limit, the miner goes into rest mode. The miner's rest period varies depending on its rarity, as shown in the table below. in this model



2 hours


4 hours


8 hours


16 hours


24 hours


32 hours

  • The mine thus does not have special blocks (explosives, wagons and hourglasses).

  • Miners in Cooldown cannot play other game modes (including being registered in the quarry) and cannot be added to the marketplace or used in upgrades or Evolution (as material or as Miners to be affected by these features).

  • Miners already added to Quarry in the current cycle are prevented from playing this mode as well as the others.

  • Make sure you have a stable network connection before playing, and do not close the window until the automatic digging has finished.

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