3. FAQ

Before opening a ticket with the support team, check out our FAQ section, your question may have already been answered.

1. Can I buy with another wallet besides Metamask?

R.: Not for now. Currently the only wallet supported by the site is Metamask. But don't be discouraged, this is temporary, but you can import your wallet into Metamask, make the purchase, and then you can view your assets in any wallet, accessing the same wallet used for the purchase.

2. There is a whitelist for the first to be able to purchase ?

R.: No. The first pre-sale session will be open to everyone, for a limited time or while supplies last.

3. There is a limit on purchases per wallet?

R.: No. While supplies last, each wallet can purchase as many NFTs as they wish.

4. When purchasing a container, I find out at the time of purchase which chests I will receive?

R.: No. The contents of the container are only revealed when opening and are generated randomly, respecting the chances of the chosen rarity.

5. I bought an item, but it doesn't appear on Opensea!

R.: NFT generation is 100% decentralized and registered on the blockchain itself, so don't be scared! Check the accounting of your purchases on the website itself. You can also add the presale contract address as a token in your wallet and see your NFT balance directly on Metamask. The display on Opensea depends on the metadata in JSON format of the tokens, and this is generated online at the time of purchase, but when this process fails, there is a reprocessing that runs every 1 hour updating the NFT's metadata. Then wait for your asset to display correctly in Opensea within 1 hour. But if, after purchasing, even with the balance on the official website, your Item was not accounted for. Open a support ticket via Discord with the purchase transaction hash.

6. I only have a physical wallet (hardwallet), I won't be able to play ?

R.: Yes, you can! You can securely connect your physical wallet to Metamask. Just click on your account name on Metamask, and then click on the option to add a hardware wallet, follow the steps and that's it. Your hardwallet is connected to Metamask and you can use it to purchase on the project website.

7. When opening the website, my pre-order session does not display the item catalog.

R.: In this case, try disconnecting your account from the website using metamask as shown in the image below, clear the page's cookies and cache, refresh the page and try to connect again. If the problem persists, contact support.

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