To participate in game modes with real rewards, the player needs at least one miner of a higher rarity than the Dummy used in the free mode of the game. To get miners eligible for other game modes, one of the ways is through minting. To obtain new characters, the player can purchase the desired character in the on-chain marketplace on the official website or by purchasing chests and boxes. During the game's launch, presale waves will be held. Stay tuned because only in the pre-sale, exclusive ways will be available for a limited time, increasing the chances of success in acquiring miners with higher rarities.

Common Boxes

After the pre-sale and launch of the game, the player will still be able to purchase a type of Chest in the game with $MSB tokens and lower odds than pre-sale chests. It's a way to join the project without having to buy characters already minted on the marketplace, and without having to already be in the game to get them with MSG Chests (read below).

MSG Chests

In addition to the Marketplace and Presale, the player will have in-game ways to earn a second in-chain token (BEP-20) called $MSG. Burning this token allows the player to create exclusive chests with different rarity chances

The burning of MSG and MSB generates special chests and the greater the burning, the higher the high rarity rates in the chests generated. Below you can check the different types of chests, their values ​​and their chances of rarity.

ChestMSG FeeMSB FeeOdds










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