The Quarry is a game reward model with daily token distribution, which does not involve gameplay or strategy. In this feature, the player can receive rewards based on the NFT characters they own. To participate in this game mode, any player who has Miners can send them to the Quarry once a day, as long as they have not been put up for sale on the current day and are not allocated to Automatic mode.

In this mode, the player will receive a reward instantly, after sending the miner to the quarry (the reward is based on the current hit power of the miner sent (currently the reward ratio is 1:1 HP > MSB, however this ratio can be changed to keep the economy stable). In this mode it is not necessary for the miner to have Lunchboxes available, but when sending the miner to the quarry he is unable to play other game modes or be offered for sale.

To increase earnings at the Quarry, for a limited time, players will be able to purchase Drilling Tools, which will add a percentage to the combined amount of Hit Power of the miners sent to the quarry.

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