1. Preparation

1.1 Installing Metamask Wallet

To participate in the tests on the Binance testnet network, you must first have configured the metamask extension in your browser (official wallet recommended for the project).

Go to the official website via the link https://metamask.io/, and follow the instructions to install the extension in your browser.

During wallet activation, after installing the extension, follow the step-by-step instructions to create your wallet.

Attention: During the creation of your wallet, Metamask will generate 12 recovery words for your wallet. These words must be kept in accordance with Metamask's recommendations and MUST NOT BE SHARED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. These words are the only way to recover your wallet, and give you full control over your assets, and no one from the project will EVER request these words for any action.

1.2 Configuring the BNB Testnet network in the wallet

1.3 Adding funds to the transaction

After completing the previous step, you must add funds to your test portfolio. Just like on Mainnet, every transaction on the testnet requires an amount of tBNB to pay for gas to execute the transactions. Unlike Mainnet, on this test network you can receive a daily amount of BNB directly into your wallet. Just access the official link below and paste your wallet address. As the site only allows you to request amounts once a day, be aware that you will need tBNB for the fees, but at least 10 USDT to buy a chest on the test network.

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