Pixel art Contest

At the beginning of the project, we will open a competition so that the community can participate in the development of the game, supporting the creation of character art. In addition to contributing to the project and having the opportunity to see your art being used by thousands of people around the world, the Arts selected after public voting will receive a character with their Skin as a reward. The Skins will be distributed in NFT format with different rarities, but for the winners of the contest, they will receive a miner with their own Unique rarity skin. Contest details such as deadlines, rules and additional rewards will be announced at the official launch of the project.


NFT of your own character (Unique) + 3$MSG

NFT of your own character (Unique) + 2$MSG

NFT of your own character (Unique) + 1$MSG

NFT of your own character (random rarity**) + 1 $MSG

NFT of your own character (random rarity**)

** With the exception of the top 3, the other winners received an exclusive NFT with their own created skin, but the rarity will be random, lower than Unique.

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