2. Transaction

2.1 Connecting your wallet

When accessing the official website https://mining-squad.app/, you will need to connect your wallet.

If the extension has been configured correctly, you should see the following image. Always check the URL of the website to connect, select only the wallet you want to use for the purchase, and click Next.

After that, simply Connect the wallet and Subscribe to the message confirming that you are connecting to the Mining Squad website.

2.2 Choose Item

With your wallet connected, navigate to the pre-sale session by scrolling the page or accessing the menu. You can choose between purchasing a chest or a container (you can only purchase one at a time). By clicking on the exclamation icon for each type, you can check the chances of each rarity to decide which item to buy.

2.3 Approving the use of USDT

After choosing the item to be purchased, you must allow the pre-sale smart contract to spend the USDT in your account. You should see the following popup asking for permission to use your balance. By default, the site recommends authorizing a value above the selected item, solely for the purpose of saving the player's gas if they want to buy more than one item, as this generates a transaction and consumes Gas.

The player also has the possibility in the popup to define how much of his balance he intends to give permission to the contract, remembering that if the permission is lower than the value of the item he intends to purchase, it may be necessary to send a new transaction allowing a new value, spending unnecessarily more gas.

2.4 Authorizing the purchase

After confirming the authorization transaction to use the USDT balance, the application requests approval to send the purchase transaction. The USDT transfer is carried out by the contract itself, so in the confirmation window, you will only see the Network Gas cost. If an error message appears on Metamask at this point, check if there is still stock of the desired item, check if you have sufficient balance for the item, check if the site has been authorized to consume USDT for the total value of the desired item, refresh the page and try again.

2.5 Purchase completed

If you've made it this far, then Congratulations, you've managed to acquire an NFT from the most anticipated project of the year!

Now, just wait until the chests and containers open, but until then, you can view your inventory in the pre-sale session and follow the project's progress and launch of the next phases on the project's channels and social networks.

While you wait, you can also check your asset on the main NFT trading sites, such as opensea.

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