1. Preparation

1.1 Installing Metamask Wallet

To make any purchase on the official website, you must first have the metamask extension configured in your browser (official wallet recommended for the project).

Go to the official website via the link https://metamask.io/, and follow the instructions to install the extension in your browser.

During wallet activation, after installing the extension, follow the step-by-step instructions to create your wallet.

Attention: During the creation of your wallet, Metamask will generate 12 recovery words for your wallet. These words must be kept in accordance with Metamask's recommendations and MUST NOT BE SHARED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. These words are the only way to recover your wallet, and give you full control over your assets, and no one from the project will EVER request these words for any action.

1.2 Configuring the BSC network on the wallet

After correctly installing the extension and configuring your wallet, you will need to configure the network used by the project, which is the Binance Smart Chain. The process is very simple and must be carried out following the steps in the official Binance documentation according to this link: https://academy.binance.com/pt/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

1.3 Adding funds to the transaction

After the wallet and BSC network are set up on your Metamask, you will need to add funds to complete the transaction.

Every interaction with the project's contracts, due to the use of the blockchain network, requires BNB tokens to pay the network's Gas fees (for more information, see the network's official documentation: https://academy.binance.com/pt/articles/what-are-blockchain-transaction-fees). Therefore, it is important to have a minimum balance of BNB in ​​your wallet so that you can complete your transactions during the purchase.

At the time this article was written, the estimate for each purchase transaction (purchasing a chest of any rarity) is $0.1090 in BNB, but as this amount can vary, we recommend that you have at least $1 in BNB in ​​your wallet to ensure completion of the transaction.

In addition to BNB, all purchases during the pre-sale will be made with payments in Tether (USDT) tokens (https://coinmarketcap.com/pt-br/currencies/tether/) which is a Stablecoin with a value linked to the current value of the dollar.

To get USDT in your wallet, you can use your trusted provider, or make the purchase through the Binance app itself and transfer the USDT to your wallet created on Metamask.

The cheapest chest during the presale costs 10 $USDT, which means you need to have at least $0.10 BNB and $10 USDT to complete the purchase.

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