2. Buying a chest on testnet

2.1 Buying your first chest

To buy a chest on the test network, after following the steps 1. Preparation, just follow the same steps to purchase a pre-sale chest on mainnet, making sure to use the test environment url below (https://test.mining-squad.app)

The site itself will change your network to the test network, it will always ensure you are using the correct network before sending a transaction, but always confirm in your wallet before transacting that you are on the correct network.

2.2 Changing the gas rate

As the testnet is not an exact replica of the mainnet, it may be necessary to manually adjust the gas for transactions to be carried out successfully on the testnet. So if when trying to buy a chest you receive an error from metamask informing you that the transaction failed, change the gas rate as shown in the image below and try again. If the error persists, contact the support team via Discord.

Change the rate by clicking the pencil icon:

Select the advanced option:

Set both values ​​to 11 and click on save these values ​​as default so that you do not need to change them in every transaction. Then just continue and complete the transaction:

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