Experience System

When participating in the game, you have the option to play without a profile, or you can pay a small fee to create your profile and be part of the leveling system. Without a created profile, the player can enjoy almost all features normally, however, he will always have the project's base rates and limits, and will not accumulate experience to receive new benefits as he advances in level.

When creating a new profile, you must pay a fee of 100 $MSB, and the user starts at level 0, and each interaction with the contracts or features of the project, gives the player a quantity of experience, which, being accumulated, and upon reaching certain amounts allows the player to advance in level, receiving new fixed benefits in their account.

To upgrade your level, you can check the tables below for the minimum amount of exp required for each level and the cost in MSB to activate the next level:

Currently the maximum level allowed in the project is level 10, and the benefits for account levels are:

Daily Withdrawal Limit

For players without a created profile or at level zero, the daily withdrawal limit is currently 1000 MSB. And with each level achieved, this limit increases according to the reference table below:

Bonuses in Quarry mining

Players at level 0 or without a created profile do not have any additional bonuses, but below you can check the bonuses according to the profile level:

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees according to player level:

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