Against time

This is another game mode in a mini-game model. To enter this game mode, the player needs to find an hourglass in Adventure mode. Each hourglass has a random time, which is only revealed when starting the mini-game. In this mode, the player has an unlimited number of hits regardless of the rarity or level of the miner (except dummy miner, which is not available for this game mode). This time the decisive factor in the round is Time. The longer the time obtained in the hourglass, the more time the player will have to break everything in search of rewards in the mine. At the end of the time, the excavation is immediately stopped and the player receives the prize he accumulated during the excavation. The prizes in this mode are different from the prizes in Adventure mode. The mine in this mode is also different, made up of just two types of blocks exclusive to this game mode. The mine will be made up of sand (block of durability 1 and no rewards) and block of precious stones (durability of 2 and rewards that vary depending on the Blocks table.

Below you can see the possible hourglass times.


10 seconds


15 seconds


20 seconds


30 seconds


40 seconds


50 seconds


60 seconds


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